Impedence Tester

Impedance tester is a measurement of the resistance to electrical current flow in a circuit, is influenced by circuit characteristics including resistance, capacitance, and inductance. The electrical impedance of a circuit or component is measured with an impedance tester.
Impedance testers are useful for a number of tasks, such as characteristics  and testing electronic parts, designing and analyzing circuits, and maintaining and troubleshooting electrical systems. They are frequently employed in sectors including power engineering, telecommunications, and electronics. 

MECO 6363 Battery Tester

MECO 6390 DC Current Adaptor


Mohnot Instruments

Based in Navi Mumbai (India), ‘MOHNOT Instruments’ is a distinguished business entity engaged in whole-selling and trading of a high performing range of Electrical Test and Measuring Instruments, Power Tools, Mechanical Tools & Tackles.

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