Insulation Tester

An insulation tester, also known as a megohmmeter, is an instrument used to measure the insulation
resistance of electrical wires, cables, transformers, and other components. Insulation resistance is the resistance of the insulating material, usually in the form of an insulating layer, between two conductive surfaces. Insulation testers work by applying a high voltage, usually between 250V and 1000V, across the insulation being tested, and measuring the resulting current flow. The insulation resistance is calculated based on Ohm’s law, which states that resistance is equal to voltage divided by current.

Rishabh insu10

Rishabh insu 20

Rishabh Hand Crank HV/LV Insulation Tester

Rishabh AIT501 5KV Digital Insulation Tester



MECO DIT99 Series Digital


Mohnot Instruments

Based in Navi Mumbai (India), ‘MOHNOT Instruments’ is a distinguished business entity engaged in whole-selling and trading of a high performing range of Electrical Test and Measuring Instruments, Power Tools, Mechanical Tools & Tackles.

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