A multimeter, also known as a volt-ohm meter or VOM, is a portable electronic device used to measure various electrical quantities such as voltage, current, and resistance. It typically has a display screen and a set of probes that can be attached to different parts of an electrical circuit to make measurements. Multimeters are commonly used by electricians, electronics technicians, and DIY enthusiasts to troubleshoot electrical problems and to verify the proper functioning of electrical components and circuits. They can also be used to test batteries, fuses, and other electrical devices.

Rishabh iYoung

Rishabh DMM 410

Rishabh DMM 612

Rishabh DMM 613

Rishabh DMM 615

Rishabh DMM 616

Rishabh DMM 6012

Rishabh DMM 6013

Rishabh DMM 6015

Rishabh DMM 6016

Rishabh Multi 12 S

Rishabh Multi 14S

Rishabh Multi 13S

Rishabh Multi 16 S

Rishabh Multi 15S


Mohnot Instruments

Based in Navi Mumbai (India), ‘MOHNOT Instruments’ is a distinguished business entity engaged in whole-selling and trading of a high performing range of Electrical Test and Measuring Instruments, Power Tools, Mechanical Tools & Tackles.

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