A tachometer is a device used to gauge the rate at which a machine’s disc or shaft rotates. It is frequently seen in cars, where it is used to calculate the engine’s RPM (revolutions per minute) speed. The engine’s ignition system or other sensors’ electrical pulses are measured by the tachometer to determine their frequency. The visual representation of these pulses is subsequently produced on the instrument panel, typically as a dial or digital readout. Tachometers are employed in a variety of machines outside automobiles, including industrial machinery, turbines, and generators. They are a crucial instrument for keeping an eye on these machines’ functioning and making sure they are operating at the right speed.

KUSUM 2234B Tachometer

KUSUM 2234 BL Tachometer


Mohnot Instruments

Based in Navi Mumbai (India), ‘MOHNOT Instruments’ is a distinguished business entity engaged in whole-selling and trading of a high performing range of Electrical Test and Measuring Instruments, Power Tools, Mechanical Tools & Tackles.

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